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The solutions with asynchronous pallet line PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI, are the single beam or two-beam type with belt or chain conveyor plastic or metallic according to the weight of the pallet to transport, whereas the bearing structure is in aluminium profiles.

The pallet line solution can be with transfer sections juxtaposed or overlapped according to the number of stations and need to work or access or not to the sides of the line.

The asynchronous LINE PALLET solution is proposed when:

  • A system that can be enlarged and/or modified in the future is requested
  • There are no particular dimensional constraints of the system
  • It is possible to develop the line both in length and in width
  • Many manual stations are necessary
  • Many stations are required also with bulky dimensions
  • It is necessary to release the cycle of single stations
  • The components to assemble are of medium large dimensions
  • A high rate is not required
  • It is necessary to connect to other assembly or processing machines


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