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The Robot is used in the industrial production, to make it faster, more flexible and of good quality.
Adopting these requirements  PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI was among the first companies to use industrial robots in its automatic assembly and handling systems in order to replace man in the repetitive, heavy, alienating and processes.


Thanks to robot’s easy programming and endless fields of application it can be easily relocated should there be the need to change the application in which it was introduced consequently Customer’s investment is protected.

The use of the robot is proposed when:


  • The component to handle should be sampled from uncertain positions (in bulk or irregularly laid out), sometimes recognized by vision automatic systems
  • The components to handle or the processing to carry out in a station are numerous
  • The component to handle is very heavy
  • The component to handle is or should be placed in positions uncomfortable for the operator (to high, too low, or far away)
  • The component to handle should be fit in a stand, in a clamp or inserted in an assembly
  • The components to handle are palletized or should be palletized
  • High system flexibility is required
  • The life of the product to assemble is short and it is necessary to protect the investment introducing the robot in future applications 


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