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Robots are used in textile applications when intensive manipulations of yarn bobbins or fabric rolls are required to make them faster and more flexible. By making these requirements its own, PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI was one of the first companies to introduce anthropomorphic and collaborative robots in textile plants with the target of replacing humans both in repetitive and alienating activities as in complex and demanding jobs.

The ease of programming the robots and the ability to guide them in carrying out their functions through appropriate vision systems allow them to be easily converted to vary operating conditions and to be extremely adaptable to use in relation with the types of semi-finished products to be handled.

The use of robots is therefore recommended when:


  • the semi-finished product to be handled must be taken from uncertain positions that are identified by a camera
  • the movements to be performed in the same station are multiple and require several movements in the space (associated with 6 degrees of freedom)
  • the semi-finished product to be handled is not particularly heavy
  • the semi-finished product to be handled is located or must be placed in uncomfortable positions for the operator
  • the semi-finished products to be handled are palletized or must be depalletized
  • high flexibility of the system in which they are inserted is require



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