Factory AUTOMATION Systems

A key element of success and growth of PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI, is a strong corporate culture, based on cohesion, collaboration and group harmony values to pursue professional excellence through a rational fulfilment of tasks. 
Contributing day by day to total Customer retention, following a path that begins with the accurate interpretation of expectations and needs, translated into efficient solutions, exclusive and unique, in compliance with shared strategies.

PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI supports regular Research and Development activity, to offer solutions along with evolutions and needs of the markets, able to provide to the Customer a remarkable added value in terms of quality, efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

Professionalism, Competence, Innovation, Reliability, Confidentiality, Sustainability

Sensible to the evolution of design technologies and techniques, PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI has always cultivated its professionalism that today is expressed through a qualified and dynamic group of specialized technicians in the mechanical, electrical and software field, in an efficient structure of design that uses the most modern and performing computerized instruments.

Mechanical, electromechanical and software design is entirely in-house. A shared planning sets up prompt actions of technical assistance and maintenance.

The solutions offered by Primon Automazioni comply with safety (CE marking) and environmental standards at the level of eco-compatibility of materials used and their recycling.



Technical Support