After sale

After sale assistance and technical assistance in general are some of our key activities


PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI has always guaranteed systems’ best performances anywhere they are installed.


  • Technical assistance on line (phone, e-mail, fax)  
  • Remote assistance via modem. By phone, specifically authorized by the customer, PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI can monitor all the systems connected and provide necessary indications for proper use.  
  • Immediate availability of our staff for on-site inspections and interventions.  
  • Prompt supply of spare parts, consumables, components, etc. thanks to the efficiency of our warehouse, and to the use of components purchased from leading suppliers, to guarantee to the Customers the reliability of the supply and the availability of components all over the territory.  
  • Scheduled assistance. PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI provides scheduled maintenance under the terms of a specific contract. The service provided periodically, on a schedule arranged with the Customer, entails a set of inspections and maintenance interventions according to the kind of systems and to the actual requirements.
Technical Support