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Washbasin bidet assembly and test bench

primon rubinetti lavabo bidet icona

Bench which 2 workstations: the first is dedicated to tightening the locking ring nut of the mixing cartridge and the second performs the tightness test with compressed air. Both stations are designed to be versatile and, in the future, can accommodate new faucets models.

Assembly and test machine for bathtube and shower faucets

primon rubinetti tavola rotante icona

This machine assembles and test bath faucets (150 mm distance between taps). The system is developed on a 4-division rotary table and includes a series of fixtures that lock the faucets like mounted on the wall. The first station does the controlled tightening of the locking ring of the mixing cartridge. The next 2 stations test the faucets.

The best of technology on the market at a very competitive price. 100% machines overhauled and ready for mass production.



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